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The Colllinsville Antiques Co. was formed in 1989 when former owner, David Bronkie, opened the business in the old Collins Company shipping building located in Collinsville, CT.  The business grew from its modest start of 4,000 sq. feet to over 8,000 sq. feet in 1995 and was on the forefront of the proliferation of small group shops which could be found throughout the state.


In 1995 the business was purchased by Doug and Cindy Szydlo who quickly established it as one of the premier antiques shops in the state.  The shop was recognized by national magazines and newspapers as the “Signature” business of the small town and began to garner both a national and even international clientele.   By 2005 the shop has grown to over 20,000 sq feet and was the constant recipient of numerous “best antique shop” awards, including The Hartford Advocate from 1994 to 2002, and Hartford Magazine in 2004 and 2005.   As many other group shops began to close, The Collinsville Antiques Co. flourished and its reputation grew.


In 2005 the antiques company was bursting at its seams and had outgrown its original home.  The Collins Co complex had gone through a change of ownership and despite attempts by statewide personalities, newspapers, and locals to save the antiques company, the handwriting was on the wall.   With the deterioration of the buildings, and the steadfast stance of the new owner not to offer any type of lease to the antiques company it became apparent that it was time for the company to close its doors or move to a new location.


In early 2005 the company began searching for a new location.  The much sought after business was wooed by a number of towns in the area but eventually settled on the long vacant Waring manufacturing building, only a few miles away in nearby New Hartford, CT.  The building required a complete overhaul but the location on the much traveled Rte. 44 seemed to be the ideal spot.  In the summer of 2005 the work crews began transforming the building into something never seen before in the area.   A huge antiques shop rose,  complete with amenities the antique shoppers had always asked for.   When completed the antiques company would be able to offer a restaurant inside the shop, One floor shopping, outdoor seating on a huge 60’ deck, handicapped access, air conditioning, a huge paved parking lot, and so much more.  Locals and travelers on Rte. 44 watched in amazement as the dilapidated building was transformed in a matter of months from an eyesore to something to be proud of..


In Oct of 2005 the antiques co, now known as The Collinsville Antiques Co. of New Hartford, opened its doors to the public.  The reaction of the stunned customers was usually summed up in one word,-- “Wow”--.   The antique shop has quickly become a day trip destination for antiquers and families alike.  Customers can now spend hours browsing the shops hundreds of thousands of items, take a break and enjoy a home cooked breakfast or lunch. or enjoy a cold drink or an ice cream cone..  Parents and children can be found playing board games, watching TV, or simply lounging in the sun on the outdoor deck that overlooks the Farmington River. In just a matter of a few months the Collinsville Antiques of New Hartford has been visited by customers from all of the 50 states, and areas across Europe and Asia. 


Our location, with its setting on the Farmington River, amid the beautiful scenery offered by the quaint, old time New England town of New Hartford is simply beautiful.   With plenty of things to do like, skiing, hiking, river canoeing and tubing, and some of New England’s premier fishing, the new location has something for everyone.


Come enjoy Collinsville Antiques and the Town of New Hartford.

New England at its best!


The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford
283 Main St. (Rte. 44)
New Hartford, CT 06057
(860) 379-2290
Open 7 Days, 10am - 5pm